Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent is an easy and effective plan to keep mice away.

Var-Mint is made of two natural ingredients, peppermint oil and cotton making it safe around children and pets.

Benefits of Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent

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30 Days of Long-Lasting Mouse Repelling Action

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All-Natural Ingredients That Are Safe Around Children and Pets

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Scientifically Proven to Repel Mice

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Chase Mice Away!

Rodents invade an estimated 20 million homes every year seeking food, water and shelter.

Because mice have collapsible skulls and can easily squeeze through openings as small as the end of a pencil, it is nearly impossible to keep them out. Until the introduction of Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent, the market place has offered poisons, sticky strips, traps and various inhumane and offensive products that kill mice one at a time often leaving the smell associated with dead mice. The customer is forced to have direct contact with dead or dying mice.

Introducing Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent, a user-friendly non-toxic way of repelling mice rather than attracting and killing. It is humane and effective for the natural control of mice. 

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Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent

Package of 4 Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent packets. The fresh mint fragrance in a non-toxic formula quickly repels mice. Free shipping with a minimum of 6 boxes. Enter promo code: FREESHIPPING

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